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23rd February 2021 Introducing the latest KTH BoneFix team member

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Jorge San Jacinto Garcia has joined the KTH BoneFix team as a PhD student. Originally from Guadalajara, Spain, Jorge was previously working on synthesizing carbosilane dendritic systems as anchorage platforms of AVP for the future treatment of Sars-Cov-2 at the University of Alcala, northeast of Madrid. His chemical synthesis skills will be an asset to the BoneFix project, where he will focus on developing the next generation of adhesive composite patches for bone fixation. Jorge will look at developing new primers with enhanced adhesion to bone as well as synthesizing new dendritic additives for the fixation patch composite, which will increase its rate of biodegradation.

His main interest in the BoneFix project is the high impact on society that will result from replacing metal plates used in bone fixation with adhesive solutions. Jorge sees his doctorate within BoneFix as a “unique experience as well as a personal challenge to expand my scientific knowledge.” When asked what brought him to Sweden, he said “the interesting chemistry developed by the Malkoch research group, a passion for nature and the possibility to do my PhD in a foreign country.”


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