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Welcome to Nanett Kvist, the latest member of the BoneFix RegionH team

The BoneFix project is reaching its final phase, where the beyond state of the art bone scaffold and composite fixation patches will be evaluated in sophisticated live animal models. RegionH will be testing the BoneFix materials in a sheep fracture model and leading that study is BoneFix’s newest team member: veterinarian and doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) Nanett Kvist. Nanett will conduct the sheep study at the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen under the supervision of Professor DVM PhD ECVS Stine Jacobsen.

Nanett started veterinary school with the initial goal of being a “field veterinarian in rubber boots” but she became intrigued by research during her first years of study. Since then went on to complete a masters thesis focusing on induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived neurons and ultrastructural phenotypes of a human neurodegenerative diseases. Recently she has completed her PhD thesis titled “Antibiotic treatment – what’s the (break)point?“ which was the culmination of an industrial PhD focusing on rationalizing and optimizing antibiotic treatment in the veterinary field. During the PhD Nanett was employed at Kopenhagen Fur a.m.b.a in Glostrup, Denmark, and conducted research at the Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby.

With regards to the animal studies in BoneFix, Nanett stresses that the important factors are ensuring high animal welfare, while also delivering good quality research whose outcome is valid and useable. This is an interesting challenge, which combined with the interdisciplinary, international consortium and a clearly defined end goal made BoneFix a compelling project.

Outside of work, Nanett loves being outdoors, whether riding through the woods on horseback or in the garden with her family. We welcome Nanett to the team and look forward to sharing the eventual results from the upcoming BoneFix animal studies.


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